Audience Delivered's™ Facebook Ads Management System (FAMS) manages and optimizes Facebook advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

Audience Delivered™ manages those Facebook campaigns utilizing a powerful blend of proprietary tools to efficiently setup campaigns, optimize performance, and measure ROI. FAMS is a cloud based, managed solution utilizing Facebook's Ads API to create, monitor and optimize Facebook spend campaigns. All native Facebook Ad types are fully supported.

FAMS replaces, simplifies and enhances the way you buy and manage ads on Facebook.

With FAMS, we deploy your campaigns with unprecedented control and then optimize your bids utilizing a core set of proprietary algorithms which analyze key performance metrics. The system quickly identifies ad fatigue and uses our built in A/B testing at all levels of your campaign. Using this data, we improve ad performance and get the ROI you want.

  • Dashboard/Heads Up/KPI
  • Live Real Time Ad Creation
  • Multiple Campaigns and Ads
  • Simplified Ad Creation
  • Multiple Campaign types
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Ad Collateral Optimization
  • Ad Spend Optimization

Campaign Managers and Ad Operations can:

  • Analyze Bid performance by Ad
  • Analyze Bid performance by Creative
  • Edit Bids by Campaign, Ad or Creative
Creative optimization features allow for quick identification of where ad creative fatigue is happening. Additionally simple A to B testing of campaigns and collaterals is built into the product and reporting is available at all levels of the campaign. Scheduled creative recycling and insertion is also automated and provided for.

FAMS Reporting

FAMS improves and enhances standard Facebook reporting by adding statistical detail and optimization along with deep analytics on how your campaigns are performing and improving those campaigns down to the collateral level. Audience Delivered help clients achieve success through efficiency and innovation.