Audience Acquisition Managed Solution

While other ads management tools claim to provide a self-service solution, many require marketers to be experts at media and social optimization or provide complex rules and guidelines in order to deliver results. Our solution removes this expertise by self-optimizing your campaigns and providing a team of seasoned media professionals to manage your objectives.

Ad Management and Optimization

Aggregates multiple social metrics to measure your audience’s engagement with your presence. With this data, our technology continuously refines your ads – including their content and target audience – to reach the optimal audience and maximize engagement at the lowest cost.

Multivariate Creative & Message Testing

Continually make the advertising content and offers more relevant to your customers by designing and executing tests, creating audience segments, and targeting content across hundreds of creative iterations simultaneously. Our optimization engine is the key to yielding greater conversion.

Custom Campaign Management Algorithms

Perfect Match™ uses sophisticated algorithms to relate Audience attributes to campaign engagement through large audience correlations and psychographic data. This function determines the likelihood of any individual engaging and responding to the advertising campaign based on their unique behavioral attributes as reflected in their interest, likes, actions and previous connections.

Advanced Reporting

Access comprehensive dashboards and reports for your social marketing campaigns. Audience Delivered's Analytics enables you to understand your customers, continuously improve your strategy, and drive better results.

Content Distribution

Audience Delivered offers Video, Mobile iOS and CMS solutions for entertainment content. We can build your audience, digitally deliver your programs and monetize your customer.

Action Targeting and Discovery

The Perfect Match audience discovery: social platforms today provide psychographic variables like attitudes, personality formation and cultural touchstones which, in addition to classic demographic information, we believe are crucial to better defining and most cost efficiently locating a potential customer. Our proprietary software focuses on actions which are essential to providing the lowest cost, relevent audience targeting capabilities. Through global data mining our software locates and interacts with people talking about a brand or a topic, bringing them to the client efficiently.

Custom Design Options

If you lack own design resources, or would like to use ours, we build stunning custom pages with unlimited design flexibility that focus on the client end objective.

Widespread Engagement Options

Populate your page with viral plug-ins that enable you to engage with your fans in a cost-effective and powerful way. By constantly providing fresh and engaging content to your fan base, we’ll boost engagement, increase sharing and drive action.


Create and launch any type of promotion that fits your business objective. Promotion formats include: Sweepstakes, Coupons, User-Generated Photo/Essay/Video Contests, Pick your Favorites, Quizzes and Trivia. Proven effectiveness whether your objective is to generate word of mouth, capture new leads, or sell more products, promotions are the proven way to engage consumers and achieve business results.